We have various policies in place that set out procedures for our working practices and provide our community with clear guidelines.

Advertising Policy

We accept advertising across all our journals that is deemed of interest and value to our scientific communities.

Archiving Policy

IOS Press adopted Sage’s Article Archiving Policy from 8th of July 2024.  Please go to:  Sage’s Author Archiving and Re-Use Guidelines | SAGE Publications Ltd for details. If your manuscript was submitted prior to 8th of July 2024, please contact editorial@iospress.nl with details of your enquiry. 

Article Sharing Policy

Information about the sharing options for articles, which depends on the stage your article is at and the license it is published under.

Authorship Policy

Information outlining the correct acknowledgment of authors in all articles is outlined.

Claims Policy

Information about the process for supplying replacement copies to subscribers for missing or damaged journal issues.

Corrections Policy

Information about how we deal with addenda, errata, and retractions.

Ethics Policy

We are committed to upholding the integrity of all our publications and provide information about the standards of ethical behavior expected from all parties involved, including authors, editors and reviewers, as well as our own role as publisher.

Privacy Policy

Information is supplied in relation to the data gathered during the process of providing our services to our audience.

Use of Experimental Subjects Policy

Information about responsible and appropriate use of experimental subjects in our publications.


For information about the options available for open access publishing and recommendations on open data, see our Open Science section.