Advertising Policy

IOS Press accepts advertising across its journals portfolio that is deemed of interest and value to the scientific communities it serves. 

Acting solely and/or in conjunction with a journal’s editorial office, we have discretion for determining the types of advertising that will be accepted and displayed in our print journals and online. We reserve the right to reject advertising that is judged to be incompatible with the mission of the journal in question or in poor taste in general. Presence of an ad does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. Neither IOS Press, nor its journals are responsible for the content or accuracy of third-party advertisements.

The editorial decision-making process governing the acceptance of articles and their publication is entirely separate from decisions regarding advertising acceptance and placement.


Display advertising and classified advertising of scientific interest to the intended readership are accepted in all IOS Press journals. Full- and half-page options are available for all journals. Ad rates are set based on the circulation of specific titles. All rates quoted are for black & white, with the exception of outside back covers. If a color ad is placed on an internal journal page, a surcharge will be applied.



Banner advertising and classified advertising of scientific interest to the intended readership are accepted on the IOS Press corporate website and external journal websites, but not currently on the IOS Press Content Library full text site. Banners are accepted in a variety of sizes, can be placed in various positions, and pricing can vary depending on the specific website. Ads may be rotated if more than one banner is running in the same position during the same period of time; advertisers are informed, and pricing may be adjusted. Looping ads can be accommodated. Pricing is based on length of time, not number of impressions served.

Online advertising is placed on a content-specific basis, linked to specific journal title(s) and pages associated with those journals. Advertising placement is not linked to reader behavior or reader profiles.

Discounts for placement of combined print and online advertising are offered. Payment is due 30 days after an advertiser’s receipt of invoice.

If you are interested to submit advertising, please get in touch with the marketing team via the contact form. In the subject line, please state it is an advertising inquiry and also mention the journal in which you wish to advertise.