Article Sharing Policy

Information is provided in relation to sharing articles. Authors of book and journal articles are permitted to self-archive and share their work through institutional repositories, personal websites, and preprint servers. 

Authors have the right to use excerpts of their article in other works written by the authors themselves, provided that the original work is properly cited. The consent for sharing an article, in whole or in part, depends on the version of the article that is shared, where it is shared, and the copyright license under which the article is published. 


When you have prepared your manuscript and submitted it to an IOS Press journal, there are a number of publishing stages it will go through. The applicable sharing option depends on the publishing stage of your submission, as outlined below.

Preprint, before or during review

You are allowed to post the text of your manuscript (before or after you submit it to a journal) on your personal website and/or that of your institution, company, or funding agency while it is under peer review. You may also post it as a preprint in an online repository, such as arXiv or bioRxiv. If the article is accepted for publication, the preprint should be updated with a statement indicating that the article is accepted for publication; you should include the journal title in the first instance and the article’s digital object identifier (DOI) once it is provided to you during the production stage (see Note #1). 


Postprint, final draft post-refereeing

A postprint file is a digital draft of a research article after it has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication, but before it is typeset and formatted by the journal. You are free to post the PDF or text file of the manuscript version of your accepted article on your personal website and/or that of your institution, company, or funding agency, and/or in an online repository as long as you give acknowledgement, mentioning the journal name in the first instance and including the article’s DOI once it is provided to you in the production stage (see Note #1).


Pre-press PDF, online version post-typesetting

The pre-press version of your article relates to the IOS Press pre-press program (sometimes also referred to as “early view” or “ahead of print”) in the IOS Press Content Library. Once articles have been typeset, most journals will upload an early, pre-press version of the article to the online content of the journal. It appears online as an individual article ahead of being assigned to a journal issue and is now accessible and citable. In principle, this typeset pre-press version may not be shared outside of the journal itself unless the author has obtained the rights for such distribution, for example, if the article has been published with open access.


The version of an article published in a journal issue is the version of record. At this stage, your article will have different sharing options depending on the copyright license under which it is published.

Published PDF, author’s version (non-open access)

After an article has been published in its final form in a journal issue (or a book), the corresponding author will be sent a final, watermarked, PDF of the article. This PDF file is the author’s version intended for personal use only and may not be shared publicly. Except for the watermark, this version is no different from the final published version as it appears in the journal. The corresponding author may share this PDF file with co-authors and individual colleagues for their own personal use. It may not be shared through mass distribution channels, such as websites, Listserve groups, or email lists.


Published PDF, publisher’s version (non-open access)

The publisher’s version is the final version of the article exactly as it appears in the journal. It has no watermark or any other form of digital rights management. For a fee, you can order a full text PDF file of the published version of your article including the right to post that version on your personal website and/or that of your institution, company, or funding agency. The corresponding author of an article can order these rights as well as a copy of the final published PDF using the order form which will be provided during the proof stage. 


Published PDF (open access)

If a book or journal article is published as open access, then the final PDF may always be publicly shared by the authors and anyone else, within the limits of the specific copyright license under which the article was published. There may be restrictions on commercial use of the article (see Note #2).


Published, HTML version 

Once the article is online (in either pre-press or published in its final form), everyone has the right to share the URL link to the HTML version of the article; whether the full text will be accessible depends on it being open access or you having access via subscription (either individual or institutional).


1. Once the article is published in a journal, it is imperative that the full article citation is added to any online repository listing and a DOI link included. A DOI link can be created by using the base link and adding the article reference number after it. For example: The DOI for individual articles can be found in the header information of the HTML version and on the title page of the article PDF.

2. The specific license under which the article is published will be mentioned on the title page of the article PDF. For more information about the licenses available in our journals, see the author agreement page. For more details about Creative Commons licenses, go here.

If you have questions, please get in touch and provide as many details as possible relating to your request. If your question is about an article that has been submitted to or published in a journal, please include the journal title and the article reference number in your message. Please submit your inquiry to the rights and permissions department via this contact form.