Parallel Programming, Models and Applications in Grid and P2P Systems


Xhafa, F.

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The demand for more computing power has been a constant trend in many fields of science, engineering and business. Now more than ever, the need for more and more processing power is emerging in the resolution of complex problems from life sciences, financial services, drug discovery, weather forecasting, massive data processing for e-science, e-commerce and e-government etc. Grid and P2P paradigms are based on the premise to deliver greater computing power at less cost, thus enabling the solution of such complex problems.

Parallel Programming, Models and Applications in Grid and P2P Systems presents recent advances for grid and P2P paradigms, middleware, programming models, communication libraries, as well as their application to the resolution of real-life problems. By approaching grid and P2P paradigms in an integrated and comprehensive way, we believe that this book will serve as a reference for researchers and developers of the grid and P2P computing communities.

Important features of the book include an up-to-date survey of grid and P2P programming models, middleware and communication libraries, new approaches for modeling and performance analysis in grid and P2P systems, novel grid and P2P middleware as well as grid and P2P-enabled applications for real-life problems. Academics, scientists, software developers and engineers interested in the grid and P2P paradigms will find the comprehensive coverage of this book useful for their academic, research and development activity.