Leveraging Transdisciplinary Engineering in a Changing and Connected World

Proceedings of the 30th ISTE International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, Hua Hin Cha Am, Thailand, July 11-14, 2023


Koomsap, P.,
Cooper, A.,
Stjepandić, J.

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Simple problems have become rare in today’s technologically advanced world. Problems are typically much more complex, and solving them requires integrative knowledge from several disciplines. Technology alone cannot be the answer. Collaborative teams equipped with knowledge and skills in various disciplines are indispensable to exploit technologies effectively and create new conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and translational innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches to address a common problem in the changing and connected world. 

This book presents the proceedings of TE2023, the 30th International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, held in Hua Hin Cha Am, Thailand from 11-14 July 2023. The theme of this year’s conference was Leveraging Transdisciplinary Engineering in a Changing and Connected World, and it provided a forum for more than 115 participants from academia and industry to exchange knowledge and ideas connected to this aspect of transdisciplinary engineering. A total 117 submissions were received for the conference, of which 93 were selected for presentation and publication here following a rigorous abstract and full-paper review process. They are arranged under 7 categories: product design and development; team working; smart operations for value chain management; transdisciplinary approaches; engineering education; critical issues in transdisciplinary engineering; and theoretical contributions.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and ideas in transdisciplinary engineering, the book will be of interest to all those working in the field.

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