ISMR 2020

Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Innovation & Sustainability of Modern Railway


Lei, X.

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In many countries, the development of railway science is of great significance to both the economy and society, and transdisciplinary studies involving railways and other fields has also become more important in recent years.

This book presents the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Innovation & Sustainability of Modern Railway (ISMR 2020), held in Nanchang, China from 23 - 25 October 2020. The symposium has been held biennially since 2008 and is principally aimed at expanding the scientific partnership between Russian and Chinese transport universities in the field of railway transportation. It is organized in a collaboration between the Federal Railway Transport Agency, Irkutsk State Transport University (IrGUPS) and East China Jiaotong University, and enables scientists from Russia, China and Mongolia to come together to discuss breakthrough technologies, as well as the problems of innovation in the secure operation of modern railways. Despite the disruption caused by the global pandemic, 89 submissions were received for the 2020 edition, 38 of which were selected after review for presentation and publication here. These comprise 12 papers dealing with railways and mechanics, 20 covering railways and computer sciences, and 6 related to railways and management, together with the 2 contributions of the invited keynote speakers (professor Xiaoyan Lei, principle of East China Jiaotong University, and professor Erol Guler from George Mason University).

The book provides an insight into new ideas and developments in the industry, and will be of interest to all railway practitioners.

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