Image Processing, Electronics and Computers

Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference (IPEC 2024), Dalian, China, 12-14 April 2024


Trajković, L.,
Agaian, S.S.,
Zhang, Y.-D.,
Pelusi, D.,
Feng, Q.,
He, J.

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Computers and electronics have become so ubiquitous in daily life that we rarely give them a second thought these days, and even image processing is something else that we now largely take for granted.

This book presents the proceedings of IPEC2024, the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Image Processing, Electronics and Computers, held from 12 to 14 April 2024 in Dalian, China. The aim of the IPEC conferences is to facilitate exchange and collaboration between academic researchers and industry, driving interdisciplinary integration and innovative development in image processing, electronics, and computer engineering. A total of 207 full paper submissions were received for the conference, of which 61 papers were ultimately selected for presentation at the conference and publication here after a rigorous review process which took into account significance, novelty, and technical quality. These are divided into 3 sections: Image Processing; Electronics and Automation; and Computer Application. Topics covered transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the conference. They include graphics, computer vision, signal and information processing, distributed systems, software information engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and automation and control engineering. 

The book provides a current overview of the latest developments, and will serve as a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike. It will be of interest to all those working in the fields of image processing, electronics, and computers. 

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