Electronic Engineering and Informatics

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Informatics (EEI 2023). Wuhan, China, 23-25 June 2023


Izat Rashed, G.

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Electronic engineering and informatics are disciplines which underpin the complex digital technology on which we have all now come to depend.

This book presents the proceedings of ICEEI 2023, the 5th International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Informatics, which took place as a hybrid event from 23 to 25 June 2023 in Wuhan, China, with around 150 participating delegates. The conference brought together leading academics, researchers and practitioners from around the world to present recent innovations, trends, and concerns, and discuss practical challenges and solutions. It also gave delegates the opportunity to share their experience and research results and exchange views on all aspects of electronic engineering and informatics. A total of 266 submissions were received for the conference, of which 93 were accepted for presentation and publication after a careful double-blind peer review process. The papers are divided into 3 sections, covering electronic device simulation and system modelling; target recognition and information decision making; and network data processing and security detection.

Providing a current overview of advances and research results in the relevant fields, the book will be of interest to those working in all areas of electronic engineering and informatics. 

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