Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation (XXIII)


Tian, G.Y.,
Gao, B.

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Electromagnetic Non-destructive Evaluation (ENDE) is an invaluable, non-invasive diagnostic tool for the inspection, testing, evaluation and characterization of materials and structures. It has now become indispensible in a number of diverse fields ranging from biomedics to many branches of industry and engineering.

This book presents the proceedings of the 24th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation, held in Chengdu, China from 11 - 14 September 2019. The 38 peer-reviewed and extended contributions included here were selected from 45 original submissions, and are divided into 7 sections: eddy current testing and evaluation; advanced sensors; analytical and numerical modeling; material characterization; inverse problem and signal processing; artificial intelligence in ENDE; and industrial applications of ENDE. The papers cover recent studies concerning the progress and application of electromagnetic (EM) fields in the non-destructive examination of materials and structures, and topics covered include evaluations at a micro-structural level, such as correlating the magnetic properties of a material with its grain structure, and a macroscopic level, such as techniques and applications for EM NDT&E. Recent developments and emerging materials such as advanced EM sensors, multi-physics NDT&E, intelligent data management and maintaining the integrity of structures are also explored.

The book provides a current overview of developments in ENDE, and will be of interest to all those working in the field.

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