Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection via Reflection of Industrial Control Systems


Popov, O.B.,
Sukhostat, L.

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Although cybersecurity is something of a latecomer on the computer science and engineering scene, there are now inclinations to consider cybersecurity a meta-discipline. Unlike traditional information and communication systems, the priority goal of the cybersecurity of cyber-physical systems is the provision of stable and reliable operation for the critical infrastructures of all fundamental societal functions and activities. 

This book, Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection via Reflection of Industrial Control Systems, presents the 28 papers delivered at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan, and held online from 27-29 October 2021. The inspiration and motivation behind the ARW stem from the growth in large-scale cyber attacks, the rising degree of complexity and sophistication of advanced threats, and the need to protect critical infrastructure by promoting and building a resilient system to promote the well-being of all citizens. The workshop covered a wide range of cybersecurity topics, permeating the main ideas, concepts and paradigms behind ICS and blended with applications and practical exercises, with overtones to IoT, IIoT, ICS, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Areas discussed during the ARW included the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures; its educational and research aspects; vulnerability analysis; ICS/PLC/SCADA test beds and research; intrusion detection, mitigation and prevention; cryptography; digital forensics for ICS/PLCs; Industry 4.0 robustness and trustworthiness; and Cyber Fortress concept infused with practical training. 

Investigating theoretical and practical problems involving the security of critical and essential infrastructure of each segment of contemporary societies,  the book will be of interest to all those whose work involves cybersecurity.