Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference (AMMCS 2023)


Chen, C.-H.,
Scapellato, A.,
Barbiero, A.,
Korzun, D.G.

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1264 (in 2 parts)



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Applied mathematics, modelling, and computer simulation are central to many aspects of engineering and computer science, and continue to be of intrinsic importance to the development of modern technologies.

This book presents the proceedings of AMMCS 2023, the 3rd International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation, held on 12 and 13 August 2023 in Wuhan, China. The conference provided an ideal opportunity for scholars and researchers to communicate important recent developments in their areas of specialization to their colleagues, and to scientists in related disciplines. More than 250 submissions were received for the conference, of which 133 were selected for presentation at the conference and inclusion here after a thorough peer-review process. These range from the theoretical and conceptual to strongly pragmatic papers addressing industrial best practice, and cover topics such as mathematical modeling and application; engineering applications and scientific computations; and the simulation of intelligent systems.

The book explores practical experiences and enlightening ideas, and will be of interest to researchers, practitioners, and to all those working in the fields of applied mathematics, modeling and computer simulation.

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