Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation

Proceedings of AMMCS 2022


Chen, C.-H.,
Scapellato, A.,
Barbiero, A.,
Korzun, D.G.

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Applied mathematics, together with modeling and computer simulation, is central to engineering and computer science and remains intrinsically important in all aspects of modern technology.

This book presents the proceedings of AMMCS 2022, the 2nd International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation, held in Wuhan, China, on 13 and 14 August 2022, with online presentations available for those not able to attend in person due to continuing pandemic restrictions. The conference served as an open forum for the sharing and spreading of the newest ideas and latest research findings among all those involved in any aspect of applied mathematics, modeling and computer simulation, and offered an ideal platform for bringing together researchers, practitioners, scholars, professors and engineers from all around the world to exchange the newest research results and stimulate scientific innovation. More than 150 participants were able to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest developments at the conference. The book contains 127 peer-reviewed papers, selected from more than 200 submissions and ranging from the theoretical and conceptual to the strongly pragmatic; all addressing industrial best practice. Topics covered included mathematical modeling and application, engineering applications and scientific computations, and simulation of intelligent systems.

The book shares practical experiences and enlightening ideas and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in applied mathematics, modeling and computer simulation everywhere.

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