Applications and Practices in Ontology Design, Extraction, and Reasoning


Cota, G.,
Daquino, M.,
Pozzato, G.L.

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Semantic Web technologies enable people to create data stores on the Web, build vocabularies, and write rules for handling data. They have been in use for several years now, and knowledge extraction and knowledge discovery are two key aspects investigated in a number of research fields which can potentially benefit from the application of semantic web technologies, and specifically from the development and reuse of ontologies.

This book, Applications and Practices in Ontology Design, Extraction, and Reasoning, has as its main goal the provision of an overview of application fields for semantic web technologies. In particular, it investigates how state-of-the-art formal languages, models, methods, and applications of semantic web technologies reframe research questions and approaches in a number of research fields. The book also aims to showcase practical tools and background knowledge for the building and querying of ontologies.

The first part of the book presents the state-of-the-art of ontology design, applications and practices in a number of communities, and in doing so it provides an overview of the latest approaches and techniques for building and reusing ontologies according to domain-dependent and independent requirements. Once the data is represented according to ontologies, it is important to be able to query and reason about them, also in the presence of uncertainty, vagueness and probabilities.

The second part of the book covers some of the latest advances in the fields of ontology, semantics and reasoning, without losing sight of the book’s practical goals.