Air Transport and Operations

Proceedings of the Third International Air Transport and Operations Symposium 2012


Curran, R.,
Verhagen, W.J.C.,
Fischer, L.,
Pérez, D.,
Klein, K.,
Hoekstra, J.,
Roling, P.

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Air transport must evolve if it is to optimize its value in the 21st century. The mood in the aerospace industry is positive with regard to economic recovery, but the focus in this transitional time must be on sustaining value, without losing sight of environmental and safety priorities.

This book presents the proceedings of the joint conference held in Delft, the Netherlands in June 2012, incorporating the 3rd International Air Transport Operations Symposium (ATOS), the 3rd Association of Scientific Development in Air Traffic Management in Europe (ASDA) Seminar, the 6th International Meeting for Aviation Products Support Processes (IMAPP) and the 2012 Complex World Seminar. The conference brought together over 200 participants from industry and academia, all of whom share the common goal of improving performance and capacity by advancing the efficiency, sustainability and safety of air transport. Presentations at the conference were divided equally between academic papers and more applied industry sessions.

The book includes the majority of academic papers presented at the conference, and provides a wide overview of the issues currently of importance in the world of air transport.

Acknowledgement: The conference ATOS 2012 has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7 2007-2013 under grant agreement ATOS2012 n°314583.
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