Dissertations in Geographic Information Science

Aims and Scope

The GISDISS series of dissertations in Geographic Information Science provides access in printed archival form to doctoral research on geospatial information. It collects high quality PhD theses contributing to the global scientific exchange in the field as well as to a better understanding of the human environment and better decisions about it. It addresses readers interested in the frontiers of research on topics ranging from the acquisition through the modeling and processing to the communication and use of spatio- temporal information.

The subject of Geographic Information Science (considered synonymous here with Geoinformatics and Geomatics) implies
crossdisciplinary research, combining methods from such fields as geography and the geosciences, engineering, computer and
information science, psychology, philosophy, economics, and mathematics. There are no a priori restrictions with regard to possible disciplines or topics, as long as the dissertations deal with problems posed by information referenced to the earth. The editors welcome doctoral theses in the form of collections of peer reviewed publications as well as monographs, in English or German.

Book series editors

Editor-in-Chief: Werner Kuhn
Institut für Geoinformatik

Christophe Claramunt

Matt Duckham

Max J. Egenhofer

Manfred Ehlers

Andrew U. Frank

Michael F. Goodchild

Michael Gould

Francis Harvey

Marinos Kavouras

Antonio Krüger

David Mark

Marco Painho

Wolfgang Reinhardt

Sabine Timpf

Robert Weibel

Stephan Winter