Most Read Books_May 2024

IOS Press' Most Read Books from May 2024

We are happy to present an overview of IOS Press' books that were most read in May 2024. Below you can find a top 5 ebooks and a top 5 print books.

Our ebook top 5 includes an exploration of research and developments in artificial intelligence, insights into a number of highly relevant aspects of biomedicine and bioinformatics engineering, a deep dive into the latest developments and advances in automation and sustainable production, an up-to-date summary of ongoing research in health IT, and an overview of advances and research results in the fields of electronic engineering and informatics.

ECAI 2023

ECAI 2023: 26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, September 30 – October 4, 2023, Kraków, Poland – Including 12th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS 2023)

Editors: Gal, K., Nowé, A., Nalepa, G.J., Fairstein, R., Rădulescu, R.

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Book cover_Advances in Biomedical and Bioinformatics Engineering

Advances in Biomedical and Bioinformatics Engineering: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Biomedicine and Bioinformatics Engineering (ICBBE 2023), 16-18 June, Nanjing, China

Editors: Yu, Y., Nguyen, B.P., Sang, J.

Book cover_Sustainable Production through Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent Automation and Work Integrated Learning

Sustainable Production through Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent Automation and Work Integrated Learning: Proceedings of the 11th Swedish Production Symposium (SPS2024)

Editors: Andersson, J., Joshi, S., Malmsköld, L., Hanning, F.

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Book cover_dHealth 2024

dHealth 2024: Proceedings of the 18th Health Informatics Meets Digital Health Conference

Editors: Hayn, D., Pfeifer, B., Schreier, G., Baumgartner, M.

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Book cover_Electronic Engineering and Informatics

Electronic Engineering and Informatics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Informatics (EEI 2023). Wuhan, China, 23-25 June 2023

Editor: Izat Rashed, G.

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*The ebook top 5 is based on data from our ebooks platform.


Our print book top 5 includes a presentation of significant advances in solving satisfiability problems in an automated fashion, insights into high performance mechatronics, an account of the mystery of six “frozen” patients who were soon diagnosed by neurosurgeon J. William Langston as having advanced Parkinson's disease, and two comprehensive overviews of strategies for tackling Alzheimer’s disease.

Book cover_Handbook of Satisfiability

Handbook of Satisfiability: Second Edition

Editors: Biere, A., Heule, M., Van Maaren, H., Walsh, T.

Book cover_The Design of High Performance Mechatronics

The Design of High Performance Mechatronics - 3rd Revised Edition: High-Tech Functionality by Multidisciplinary System Integration

Authors: Munnig Schmidt, R., Schitter, G., Rankers, A., Van Eijk, J.

Book cover_The Case of the Frozen Addicts

The Case of the Frozen Addicts: How the Solution of a Medical Mystery Revolutionized the Understanding of Parkinson's Disease

Authors: Langston, J.W., Palfreman, J.

Book cover_Handbook of Intervention and Alzheimer’s Disease

Handbook of Intervention and Alzheimer’s Disease

Editors: Raji, C.A., Leng, Y., Ashford, J.W., Khalsa, D.S.

Book cover_Handbook of Prevention and Alzheimer’s Disease

Handbook of Prevention and Alzheimer’s Disease

Editors: Raji, C.A., Leng, Y., Ashford, J.W., Khalsa, D.S.


*The print book top 5 is based on print sales data. 


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