Towards a Knowledge-Aware AI

SEMANTiCS 2022 — Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Semantic Systems, 13-15 September 2022, Vienna, Austria


Dimou, A.,
Neumaier, S.,
Pellegrini, T.,
Vahdati, S.

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Semantic systems lie at the heart of modern computing, interlinking with areas as diverse as AI, data science, knowledge discovery and management, big data analytics, e-commerce, enterprise search, technical documentation, document management, business intelligence, enterprise vocabulary management, machine learning, logic programming, content engineering, social computing, and the Semantic Web. 

This book presents the proceedings of SEMANTiCS 2022, the 18th International Conference on Semantic Systems, held as a hybrid event – live in Vienna, Austria and online – from 12 to 15 September 2022. The SEMANTiCS conference is an annual meeting place for the professionals and researchers who make semantic computing work, who understand its benefits and encounter its limitations, and is attended by information managers, IT architects, software engineers, and researchers from organizations ranging from research facilities and NPOs, through public administrations to the largest companies in the world. The theme and subtitle of the 2022 conference was Towards A Knowledge-Aware AI, and the book contains 15 papers, selected on the basis of quality, impact and scientific merit following a rigorous review process which resulted in an acceptance rate of 29%. The book is divided into four chapters: semantics in data quality, standards and protection; representation learning and reasoning for downstream AI tasks; ontology development; and learning over complementary knowledge. 

Providing an overview of emerging trends and topics in the wide area of semantic computing, the book will be of interest to anyone involved in the development and deployment of computer technology and AI systems.