Roles and Challenges of Semantic Intelligence in Healthcare Cognitive Computing


Carbonaro, A.,
Tiwari, S.,
Ortiz-Rodriguez, F.,
Janev, V.

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The data that must be processed in healthcare includes text, numbers, statistics, and images, and healthcare systems are continuously acquiring novel data from cutting-edge technologies like wearable devices. Semantic intelligence technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things, together with the hybrid methodologies which combine these approaches, are central to the development of the intelligent, knowledge-based systems now used in healthcare. 

This book, Roles and Challenges of Semantic Intelligence in Healthcare Cognitive Computing explores those emerging fields of science and technology in which cognitive computing techniques offer the effective solutions poised to impact healthcare in the foreseeable future, minimizing errors and improving the effectiveness of personalized care models. The book assesses the current landscape, and identifies the roles and challenges of integrating cognitive computing techniques into the widespread adoption of innovative smart healthcare solutions. Each chapter is the result of collaboration by experts from various domains, and provides a detailed overview of the potential offered by new technologies in the field. A wide spectrum of topics and emerging trends are covered, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of healthcare and cognitive computing and including digital twins, eXplainable AI, AI-based decision-support systems in intensive care, and culinary healthcare, as well as the semantic internet of things (SIoT), natural language processing, and deep learning and graph models.

The book presents new ideas which will facilitate collaboration among the different disciplines involved, and will be of interest to all those working in this rapidly evolving field.