Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering

Proceedings of the 14th International Conference (CPEEE 2024), Tokyo, Japan, 24-26 February 2024


Deng, M.

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The way most of us live today would be unthinkable without a reliable power supply and the appliances and devices which depend upon it, but increased awareness and concern about the climate has meant that the energy sources from which that power is derived have also become a focus of attention.

This book presents the proceedings of CPEEE 2024, the 14th International Conference on Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering, held from 24 to 26 February 2024 as a hybrid event in Tokyo, Japan. The CPEEE conferences aim to provide a scientific platform for scientists, engineers and technologists working in all areas of power, energy and electrical engineering to share the latest knowledge and findings and to explore and discuss all aspects of power, energy, electrical engineering and related fields. The 2024 CPEEE conference consisted of 8 oral sessions (6 offline and 2 online). The 57 papers included here, which were selected following a thorough review process, cover a variety of topics, including the optimized configuration of distribution networks; status monitoring and reliability evaluation of power equipment; operational safety and energy consumption analysis of intelligent electrical equipment; development of electric vehicles and the construction of charging facilities; photovoltaic modules and power generation systems; clean energy generation and electricity storage; and intelligent power systems and electronics technology.

Providing an overview of current developments in the fields of power, energy and electrical engineering, the book will help to stimulate increased collaboration among researchers and facilitate the exploration of novel cross-disciplinary ideas.

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