Personalised Health Management Systems

The Integration of Innovative Sensing, Textile, Information and CommunicationTechnologies


McCullagh, P.J.,
Lymberis, A.,
Nugent, C.,
McAdams, E.T.

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The development and advancement of personalised health management systems requires the consideration of advances in sensor technologies and advanced textiles in addition to nano technologies and evolving information and communication technologies. We are now living in an environment where changes in healthcare structures and requests from patients to have an increased participation in their own healthcare are demanding the availability of affordable and readily available personalised health management systems. Recent research has taken us a step closer in providing such solutions, however, efforts are still required to address the issues of integration of new technologies into existing health care practices, implications of interoperability of services, analysis of results following large scale clinical evaluations and development of technology which is small, reliable and affordable by its users. This publication shows a synergy between research efforts in three diverse areas; sensor technologies, advanced textiles and nanotechnology and computing. It brings together researchers from academia, industry and clinical healthcare provision and emphasises the need for multi-disciplinary collaborations in the future developments of personalised health management systems.

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