Modern Management based on Big Data III

Proceedings of MMBD 2022


Tallón-Ballesteros, A.J.

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Data is the basic ingredient of all Big Data applications, and Big Data technologies are constantly deploying new strategies to maximise efficiency and reduce the time taken to process information.

This book presents the proceedings of MMBD2022, the third edition of the conference series Modern Management based on Big Data (MMBD). The conference was originally scheduled to take place from 15 to 18 August 2022 in Seoul, South Korea, but was changed to a virtual event on the same dates. Some 200 submissions were received for presentation at the conference, 52 of which were ultimately accepted after exhaustive review by members of the programme committee and peer-reviewers, who took into account the breadth and depth of the research topics and the scope of MMBD. Topics covered include data analytics, modelling, technologies and visualization, architectures for parallel processing systems, data mining tools and techniques, machine learning algorithms, and big data for engineering applications. There are also papers covering modern management, including topics such as strategy, decision making, manufacturing and logistics-based systems, engineering economy, information systems and law-based information treatment, and papers from a special session covering big data in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, accounting, banking, education, global trading, and e-commerce. Big data analysis and emerging applications were popular topics.

The book includes many innovative and original ideas, as well as results of general significance, all supported by clear and rigorous reasoning and compelling evidence and methods, and will be of interest to all those working with Big Data.

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