Intelligent Environments 2020

Workshop Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Environments


Iglesias, C.A.,
Moreno Novella, J.I.,
Ricci, A.,
Rivera Pinto, D.,
Roman, D.

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Intelligent Environments (IEs) aims to empower users by enriching their experience, raising their awareness and enhancing their management of their surroundings. The term IE is used to describe the physical spaces where ICT and pervasive technologies are used to achieve specific objectives for the user and/or the environment. The growing IE community, from academia and practitioners, is working on the materialization of IEs driven by the latest technological developments and innovative ideas.

This book presents the proceedings of the workshops held in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE2020), Madrid, Spain, 20-23 July 2020. The conference focused on the development of advance intelligent environments, as well as newly emerging and rapidly evolving topics. The workshops included here emphasize multi-disciplinary and transverse aspects of IE, as well as cutting-edge topics: 10th International Workshop on Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and Well-being (WISHWell’20); 9th International Workshop on the Reliability of Intelligent Environments (WoRIE2020); 4th International Workshop on Legal Issues in Intelligent Environments (LIIE’20); 4th International Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Agriculture Production and Environment Protection (ISAPEP’20); 4th International Workshop on Citizen-Centric Smart Cities Services (CCSCS’20); 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Environments and Buildings (IEB’20); 1st International Workshop on Research on Smart Grids and Related Applications (SGRA'20); 1st International Workshop on Open and Crowdsourced Location Data (ISOCLoD’20); 1st International Workshop on Social Media Analysis for Intelligent Environment (SMAIE’20).

The proceedings contain contributions reflecting the latest research developments in IEs and related areas, focusing on stretching the borders of the current state of the art and contributing to an ever-increasing establishment of IEs in the real world. It will be of interest to all those whose work involves the design or application of Intelligent Environments.