Global Telehealth 2015: Integrating Technology and Information for Better Healthcare


Maeder, A.J.,
Gillis, G.,
Newsham, D.

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The adoption of telehealth is growing, accompanied by a diversification of service delivery and a broadening of access. All of this is pushing the boundaries of traditional healthcare worldwide. Latest developments include the growth of Mobile Health (mHealth), with access to information and services by means of personal devices such as tablet computers and smart phones, virtual healthcare services, which use online interactive environments to engage with the subject of care and remotely enable or mimic the desired patient-clinician relationship, and the personal and home health monitoring market.

This book presents the proceedings of Global Telehealth 2015 (GT2015), hosted by COACH: Canada's Health Informatics Association, and held in May 2015, in Toronto, Canada. The theme of this year’s conference is 'Serving the Underserved: Integrating Technology & Information for Better Healthcare'.

The leadership and knowledge reflected in the 25 papers collected here will promote the equity of access and uniform provision of healthcare services and influence health policy and strategic decisions worldwide, and the book will be of interest to all those whose work involves the various forms of telehealth in use today.

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