Digitalization and Management Innovation

Proceedings of DMI 2022


Tallón-Ballesteros, A.J.,
Santana-Morales, P.

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The digital era has brought about important changes that continue to affect all our lives. Efficient management and storage of digital information has become crucial, as has the ability to access that information quickly and efficiently, and priorities are to allow for the saving of digital data in many different ways, and to avoid the loss of information in the event of a malfunction. 

This book presents the 65 papers presented at DMI2022, the first in the new annual conference series Digitalization and Management Innovation (DMI), held as a hybrid event in Beijing, China, on 26 November 2022.  A total of 190 submissions were received for the conference, and the papers presented here were selected after careful and conscientious review, bearing in mind the breadth and depth of the research topics falling within the scope of digital and management innovation and resulting in an acceptance rate of 34%. Topics covered include digital transformation, supply chains, business models, and block chain, enterprises, banking, and sustainability, as well as policy in artificial intelligence, the gig economy, the post-epidemic era, green supply, citizenship behavior, human resource management, human relationships, agriculture, and environmental matters. 

Presenting original ideas and results of general significance and supported by clear reasoning, and compelling evidence and methods, the book will be of interest to all those whose work involves the management of digital data.

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