Cyber Defence in Industry 4.0 Systems and Related Logistics and IT Infrastructures


Dimitrov, K.

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Industry and government are increasingly reliant on an intelligent – or ‘smart’ – and interconnected computer infrastructure, but the reality is that it is extremely difficult to provide full cyber defense and/or intrusion prevention for the smart networks that connect intelligent industrial and logistics modules, since the more intelligent the systems are, the more vulnerable they become.

This book presents papers from the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on Cyber Defence in Industry 4.0 Systems and Related Logistics and IT Infrastructures, held in Jyvaskyla, Finland, in October 2017.

The main focus of the 11 papers included here is the creation and implementation of cyber systems and cyber platforms capable of providing enhanced cyber security and interoperability for smart IT infrastructure. Topics covered include: smart intrusion prevention; adaptive cyber defense; smart recovery of systems; and the smart monitoring, control and management of Industry 4.0 complexes and related logistics systems such as robotic equipment, logistics modules, units and technologic equipment, as well as their IT infrastructure.