Computer Methods in Medicine and Health Care

Proceedings of the CMMHC 2022 Workshop


Casalino, G.,
Nayyar, A.

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The last decade has seen great progress in modern healthcare; progress which could not have been achieved without the developments in computer science and technology. Image processing, disease modeling, biosensors and bioprinting are just some of the innovations which have contributed to improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and the more effective treatment of patients.

This book presents the accepted papers from CMMHC2022, the Workshop on Computer Methods in Medicine & Health Care, hosted from Hainan, China and held as an online event from 22 to 25 September 2022. CMMHC is aimed at fostering high-quality research by bringing together scholars, doctors, engineers, and radiologists to discuss emerging ideas, approaches, theories, frameworks, and practices in preventive healthcare technology. The organizers received 40 submissions for the 2022 workshop. These were subjected to a thorough peer-review process, with each paper being reviewed by at least 2 members of the Technical Committee. From the original submissions, 15 were selected for presentation and publication, resulting in a final acceptance rate of less than 40%. The main focus of the papers is hospital informatisation, medical imaging and health management, which continue to be major research hotspots.

The book offers an overview of recent research and developments in the field of computer methods in medicine and healthcare, and will provide a useful reference to the direction of future developments for those researchers and practitioners facing the challenges and demands of the era of big data.

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