The Future of Learning

Aims and Scope

Learning is becoming more and more important as one of the indispensable tools to ensure future prosperity and well-being. This is the case not only for the individual, alone or as a member of a group, but also for organizational structures of all kinds. New learning paradigms and pedagogic principles, new learning environments and conditions, and new learning technologies are being tested in order to find the right combination of parameters that can optimize the outcome of the learning process in a given situation.

This book series presents the latest advances in this important area to all stakeholders, based on a sound foundation. Schools, higher education, industrial companies, public administrations and other organizational structures, including providers of learning and training services, including life-long learning, plus all the individuals involved, researchers, students, pupils, citizens, teachers, professors, instructors, politicians, decision makers etc., contribute to and benefit from this series. Pedagogic, economic, structural and organizational aspects, the latest technologies, and the influence from changing attitudes and globalization are treated in this series, providing sound and updated information, which can be used to further improve the learning process in both formal and informal contexts.

Book series editors


N. Balacheff

P. Brna

K.-E. Chang

J.C. Cherniavsky

J.P. Christensen

M. Gattis

M. Gutiérrez-Díaz

P. Kommers

C.-K. Looi

C.J. Oliveira

M. Schlager

M. Selinger

L. Steels

G. White


Books from this Series