Studies in Probability, Optimization and Statistics

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Aims and Scope

The aim of this series is to publish innovative works related to probability theory, optimization methods and statistics, with the intention of covering a broad domain from advanced theory to applications. Particular focus will be on applications in engineering, economics, finance, operations research, biology and environment.

Uncertainties and risk have become prevalent everywhere and decision-making must take this development into account. This is particularly the case when we consider decision-makers, either acting as a team or non-cooperating. Decision-making is a matter of technical systems as well as social systems. Fortunately, the scientific community provides many interesting developments in the concepts, methods and algorithms in this context.

Studies in Probability, Optimization and Statistics aims at encouraging this trend and at providing convenient and rapid publishing opportunities to all scholars contributing to the field.

The scope ranges from advanced mathematical theory to computational techniques. More empirical and applied work is welcome, provided new ideas and models are presented.

Books from this Series