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Aims and Scope

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) is a prestigious, unique, and global non-governmental organisation based in Brussels that specialises in the subject of governance and public administration at the national and international level. Its scope is broad and it can call upon experts from many fields and many countries. IOS Press has been publishing the IIAS Monographs series since 1996. These volumes combine high academic standing with practical relevance, and are a rich seam of insight, research and data. The series also includes reports and books by the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA), one of the specialized associations of the Institute.

Book series editors

Prof. G. Timsit IIAS Publications Director Mr. R. Loretan IIAS Director General Prof. W. Van De Donk Member Prof. M. De Vries Member Prof. C. Pollitt Member, IRAS Editor in Chief Dr. F. Maron Scientific Aministrator & Publications Coordinator

Books from this Series