Breast Disease

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Aims and Scope

The recent expansion of work in the field of breast cancer inevitably will hasten discoveries that will have impact on patient outcome. The breadth of this research that spans basic science, clinical medicine, epidemiology, and public policy poses difficulties for investigators. Not only is it necessary to be facile in comprehending ideas from many disciplines, but also important to understand the public implications of these discoveries. Breast Disease publishes review issues devoted to an in-depth analysis of the scientific and public implications of recent research on a specific problem in breast cancer. Thus, the reviews will not only discuss recent discoveries but will also reflect on their impact in breast cancer research or clinical management. From 2009 onward, Breast Disease also started publishing unsollicited peer-reviewed articles. The topics can cover basic cellular and molecular biology, epidemiology, genetics, clinical research, imaging, and social and legal issues. The editorial team believes that Breast Disease will be a timely and important addition to the information needs of scientists, clinicians and policy makers.

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