Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Technological and Innovative Advances for Smart Cities

Submit before December 1, 2024

Society and the city are changing. Some changes are progressive, but others are innovative and radical. Technology is implicit in the change processes, and it is part of the life of current and future society. The smart concept is present in the development of current cities. A specific challenge involves the integration of different technologies, allowing a better life for citizens, and more efficient management for governance. Technological advances applied to smart cities must serve multiple and different purposes, but in any case, the beneficiaries must be citizens and governance. Technological infrastructure, digitalization, smart energy solutions, IoT development, smart mobility, innovative urban planning, sustainable development, smart applications, computational intelligence and big data applications, and smart public services are some key concepts to be applied for this transformation.

This special issue is open for research and development contributions based on the main topics mentioned above, which can be systematically summarized as follows:

  • Smart energy, energy efficiency and sustainability;
  • Smart infrastructures and the environment;
  • Smart mobility, IoT, sensor networks and data-driven applications;
  • Smart public services;
  • Computational intelligence, context-aware software, and smart applications;
  • Governance and citizenship.

Submissions are invited for original research articles, review articles, and case studies. Submitted articles will serve as an inspiration for all those interested in the prosperity of smart cities.


  • Smart cities
  • Renewable energies
  • Smart grid
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart infrastructures and urban planning
  • Smart mobility, IoT, sensor networks
  • Smart public services
  • Computational intelligence, data-driven and context-aware applications
  • Governance and citizenship

Special Issue Editors

Managing Guest Editor
Prof. Luis Hernández-Callejo
Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Guest Editor
Prof. Pedro Moreno-Bernal
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, México

Tentative Timeline

Initial Submissions Deadline:  01/12/2024
First Assessment Notification: 01/02/2025
Revisions Due: 01/04/2025

(Further revisions may be required)
Estimated Publication: December 2025 (pre-publications available before online)

About the Journal

The Journal of Smart Cities and Society focuses on the already existing and well-known concept of smart cities which amalgamate smart infrastructures with human’s needs through services at a community level. “Smart Cities” is an emerging concept which has been gaining momentum as the technology available becomes more sophisticated and provides continuous stimuli to solve some of the growing concerns due to demographical growth.

Instructions for Authors

Additional information about the journal, including detailed instructions for authors can be found on the journal website. Submissions should be submitted to the journal's online submission system under Section: Technological and Innovative Advances for Smart Cities.