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Call for Papers: Applied Ontology's Special Issue for JOWO's 10th Anniversary

The flagship venue for workshops on ontologies and related fields, Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO), is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Submit your paper proposal by July 31, 2024!

The Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO) is the flagship venue for workshops on ontologies and related fields. This year it celebrates its 10th anniversary and to honor this milestone, we invite authors of workshop papers presented in these 10 editions to submit to this special issue follow-ups of their original contributions. It is our goal to celebrate our community and all the people involved by advancing the wealth of knowledge produced there.

Special Issue Topic

This special issue is purposely open about its topics, welcoming follow-ups of any papers originally presented at JOWO that were not published in journal versions elsewhere.

The participation process will consist of the following phases:

  • Paper proposal: authors submit abstracts of the papers they intend to write along with the original JOWO publication for consideration.
  • Full paper submission: authors of the selected proposals submit their full papers for review by the editorial team.
  • Submission of revised paper: authors submit a revised version of their papers taking into account the comments and corrections of the reviewers. 
  • Camera-ready submission: authors of accepted papers submit their camera-ready versions.

For the paper proposal phase, please submit a single PDF file containing: the original JOWO paper and the title, the keywords, and a 500-word abstract of the paper proposal.

Paper proposals will be selected on the basis of paper impact, publication year, topic relevance, and workshop diversity. Authors may submit multiple proposals, but no more than one first-authored paper will be selected.

Winners of the Best of JOWO Award at JOWO 2024 will be invited to submit a contribution to this special issue, fast-tracking the paper proposal phase.


Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of JOWO, this special issue welcomes works from diverse disciplines in connection with research in ontologies, including but not limited to Cognitive Science, Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Logic, Philosophy, and Linguistics. Some of the topics that are present at JOWO workshops and welcome here are:

  • Methodological aspects in Applied Ontology, Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modelling, and Information System Engineering 
  • Foundational aspects of applied ontology
  • Cognition and ontologies
  • Knowledge representation and cognition
  • Ontology and energy systems, climate, and ecosystems
  • Human socioeconomic impacts and preventative behaviors on the environment
  • Ontology and knowledge management
  • Adaptation of formal ontologies for companies and organizations
  • Ontology effectiveness and evaluation
  • Ontologies for IoT, medical sciences, finance, marketing, or engineering
  • Legal ontologies, visual law, legal design, and correlated themes
  • Ontologies in Empirical Research
  • Ontologies in software development
  • Ontologies in AI
  • Ontologies for Autonomous Robotics
  • Ontologies for Social Services
  • Formal models for the representation of knowledge diversity
  • Geospatial ontology
  • Food ontology

This list is non-exhaustive and all topics covered by JOWO workshops in the last 10 years are welcome!


Paper proposal submission deadline: July 31, 2024
Proposal green light notification: August 30, 2024
Paper submission deadline: November 29, 2024
Author notification: February 28, 2025 
Paper corrections submission: April 16, 2025
Final author notification: May 30, 2025
Camera-ready submission: June 30, 2025
Publication: July 31, 2025

About the Journal

Applied Ontology focuses on information content in its broadest sense. As the subtitle makes clear, two broad kinds of content-based research activities are envisioned: ontological analysis and conceptual modeling. The former includes any attempt to investigate the nature and structure of a domain of interest using rigorous philosophical or logical tools; the latter concerns the cognitive and linguistic structures we use to model the world, as well as the various analysis tools and methodologies we adopt for producing useful computational models, such as information systems schemes or knowledge structures. Applied Ontology is the first journal with explicit and exclusive focus on ontological analysis and conceptual modeling under an interdisciplinary view. It aims to establish a unique niche in the realm of scientific journals by carefully avoiding unnecessary duplication with discipline-oriented journals. For this reason, authors will be encouraged to use language that will be intelligible also to those outside their specific sector of expertise, and the review process will be tailored to this end. For example, authors of theoretical contributions will be encouraged to show the relevance of their theory for applications, while authors of more technological papers will be encouraged to show the relevance of a well-founded theoretical perspective. Moreover, the journal will publish papers focusing on representation languages or algorithms only where these address relevant content issues, whether at the level of practical application or of theoretical understanding. Similarly, it will publish descriptions of tools or implemented systems only where a contribution to the practice of ontological analysis and conceptual modeling is clearly established.

Guest Editors of this Special Issue

Guest Editors:
Claudenir M. Fonseca - University Twente, The Netherlands (
Guendalina Righetti - University of Oslo, Norway (  
Oliver Kutz - Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy (  

The guest editorial team (reviewers) will be invited from the pool of experts composing the program committees of JOWO workshops.

Next Steps
Please read the author guidelines for detailed information about submissions, and make sure to follow our guidance carefully, as incorrect or incomplete submissions will delay the peer review process. Submissions are welcome from May 31 to July 31, 2024, only through the journal’s editorial management system, as informed in our guidelines. For any queries, please contact the guest editors. 

Papers are submitted via the Applied Ontology Editorial Manager site which can be found below.

Deadline: Submit before July 31, 2024