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Call for Papers: A Thematic Issue on Location-based Services for Active Assisted Living

Submit before 31 January 2024
Active Assisted Living (AAL) represents a burgeoning area in Information and Communication Technology, merging the needs of an aging population with advancements in location-aware systems. Location-based Services (LBS) offer a unique potential in AAL, providing a spectrum of applications from indoor navigation for frail people to emergency response systems.

Special Issue Topic

This thematic issue of the Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments seeks to explore the multidimensional impacts, challenges, and innovations of integrating LBS within the AAL landscape. As our global demographic shifts towards an older population, the synergy between LBS and AAL becomes more pertinent, warranting rigorous exploration and discussion.

Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to, advanced applications in:

  • Fundamentals of Location-based Services (LBS) in AAL
    • Theoretical frameworks and methodologies
    • Location privacy and security
    • Geospatial data analytics and mining
    • Integration of LBS and IoT for AAL
  • Wearable devices for elderly tracking and health monitoring
    • Smart home technologies with LBS capabilities
    • Real-time location systems (RTLS) in healthcare settings
    • Personalized Location-based Services in AAL
  • Adaptive algorithms for user behavior prediction
    • Context-aware recommendation systems for AAL
    • Geofencing applications in assisted living environments
    • LBS for Emergency Response in AAL
  • Fall detection and rapid response using LBSx
    • Emergency evacuation planning and guidance
    • Location-based health alerts and notifications
    • Navigation and Wayfinding in Assisted Living Environments
  • Indoor positioning systems and mapping
    • Augmented reality (AR) applications for older adults navigation
    • User-friendly interfaces for older populations
    • Socio-economic and Ethical Implications of LBS in AAL
  • Ethical considerations in tracking and monitoring the elderly
    • Economic models for LBS deployment in assisted living
    • Societal impacts of location-based technologies in elder care
    • Case Studies and Real-world Applications of LBS in AAL
  • Successful implementations of LBS in assisted living
    • Challenges and lessons learned from real-world deployments
    • Future trends and technologies on the horizon

Call for Paper AIS


Submission Deadline (Full Paper): 31.01.2024
First Review Decision: 01.04.2024
Deadline for Reviewed Manuscripts: 15.05.2024
Second Review Decision: 15.06.2024
Deadline for 2nd Reviewed Manuscripts: 01.07.2024
Final Decision: 15.07.2024
Publication: September 2024

About the Journal

The Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (JAISE) serves as a forum to discuss the latest developments on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Smart Environments (SmE). Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the areas involved, the journal aims to promote participation from several different communities covering topics ranging from enabling technologies such as multi-modal sensing and vision processing, to algorithmic aspects in interpretive and reasoning domains, to application-oriented efforts in human-centered services, as well as contributions from the fields of robotics, networking, HCI, mobile, collaborative and pervasive computing. This diversity stems from the fact that smart environments can be defined with a variety of different characteristics based on the applications they serve, their interaction models with humans, the practical system design aspects, as well as the multi-faceted conceptual and algorithmic considerations that would enable them to operate seamlessly and unobtrusively. The Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments will focus on both the technical and application aspects of these.

Guest-Editors of this Special Issue

Guest editors

Dr. Filippo Palumbo
Information Science and Technologies Institute ISTI, Italy
Since 2010, Dr. Palumbo has been advancing the application of artificial intelligence in wireless sensor networks at the Information Science and Technologies Institute, National Research Council, in Pisa, Italy, where he serves as a Senior Researcher. His involvement spans several EU- and nationally-funded research projects, particularly focusing on ambient intelligence for healthy and active ageing. He has contributed to over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles. His current research delves into indoor localization, the evaluation of localization systems, gait analysis, and multimodal signal processing essential for comprehending human behavior.

Dr. Raul Montoliu
Institute of New Imaging Technologies. Jaume I University, Castellón, Spain
Dr. Montoliu is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and a Senior Researcher at the Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT), both from Jaume I University. His current research interests include indoor positioning and indoor navigation, Human activity monitoring and Game AI. He is the leader of the research group on Applied Artificial Intelligence & Data Analysis (

Next Steps

Contributions must be at least 12 pages in length. Submitted manuscripts should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Conference papers may be submitted if the paper has been rewritten and expanded to at least 30% (proofs to be included in the cover letter), and, if appropriate, written permissions must have been obtained from any copyright holders of the original paper. For preparation of your manuscript, you may follow these instructions. When submitting the manuscript, authors should indicate the title of the Thematic Issue in the cover letter.