Techno-Anthropology in Health Informatics

Methodologies for Improving Human-Technology Relations


Nøhr, C.,
Botin, L.,
Bertelsen, P.

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Techno-Anthropology is an emerging interdisciplinary research field focusing on human/technology interactions and relations, and how these can be understood and facilitated in context. Techno-Anthropology also considers how technological innovation, development and implementation can be made in an appropriate and pragmatic way in relation to understanding work practices.

Techno-Anthropology has much to offer to the health informatics and eHealth fields, and this book presents the work of experienced international researchers who share here how they have applied Techno-Anthropology methodologies to their research. The book is divided into three sections: ethnographic and anthropological perspectives on methodology; ethical and sociotechnical approaches; and users, participation and human factors. Topics covered include: learning the craft of Techno-Anthropology; anthropological approaches in studying technology induced errors; technology and the ecology of chronic illness in everyday life; Techno-Anthropologists as agents of change; and using rapid ethnography to support the design and implementation of health information technologies, as well as many more.

The book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners within the health informatics field as well as students and scholars. The book will inspire researchers and practitioners to examine health informatics from a new perspective.

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