Participatory Design & Health Information Technology


Nøhr, C.,
Bertelsen, P.,
Kanstrup, A.M.,
Bygholm, A.

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Health Information Technology (HIT) continues to increase in importance as a component of healthcare provision, but designing HIT is complex. The creation of cooperative learning processes for future HIT users is not a simple task. The importance of engaging end users such as health professionals, patients and relatives in the design process is widely acknowledged, and Participatory Design (PD) is the primary discipline for directly involving people in the technological design process. Exploring the application of PD in HIT is crucial to all those involved in engaging end users in HIT design and, in collaboration with a wide range of people, a broad repertoire of methods and techniques to apply PD within multiple domains has been established. This book, Participatory Design & Health Information Technology, presents the contributions of researchers from 5 countries, who share their experience and insights into applying PD in the development of HIT. The book begins with a review of PD and HIT research, followed by 10 papers, each of which describes important lessons for HIT designers interested in user participation. The papers are grouped under the themes of participatory processes; participatory reflections; participatory business; and participatory inspiration. The book will be of interest to researchers, students, health professionals, IT designers and managers who work with or are interested in supporting participation in the design of HIT.

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