Ontology Engineering with Ontology Design Patterns: Foundations and Applications


Hitzler, P.,
Gangemi, A.,
Janowicz, K.,
Krisnadhi, A.A.,
Presutti, V.

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The use of ontologies for data and knowledge organization has become ubiquitous in many data-intensive and knowledge-driven application areas, in science, industry, and the humanities. At the same time, ontology engineering best practices continue to evolve. In particular, modular ontology modeling based on ontology design patterns is establishing itself as an approach for creating versatile and extendable ontologies for data management and integration.

This book is the very first comprehensive treatment of Ontology Engineering with Ontology Design Patterns. It contains both advanced and introductory material accessible for readers with only a minimal background in ontology modeling. Some introductory material is written in the style of tutorials, and specific chapters are devoted to examples and to applications. Other chapters convey the state of the art in research regarding ontology design patterns.

The editors and the contributing authors include the leading contributors to the development of ontology-design-pattern-driven ontology engineering.

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