Nursing Informatics 2018

ICT to Improve Quality and Safety at the Point of Care


Rotegård, A.K.,
Skiba, D.J.,
Barbosa, S.,
Davalos Alcázar, A.G.

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It is indisputable that information technology plays an ever-increasing role in the delivery of healthcare, and quality improvement is a crucial element in this constantly changing environment of providing nursing care with the help of advanced technology.

This book presents papers from the 14th International Congress on Nursing and Allied Health Informatics (NI 2018), held in Guadalajara, Mexico, in June 2018. The theme of the conference – Information and Communication Technology to Improve Quality & Safety at the Point of Care – stresses the increasing importance of the role played by technology in modern healthcare, and the topics featured here cover the use of information and communication technologies for nursing and all allied healthcare professionals in the form of papers, posters, panels and workshops.

The book will be of interest to all those professionals who must navigate the ever-changing world of modern healthcare delivery.

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