New Energy and Future Energy Systems

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (NEFES 2023), Matsue, Japan, 21-24 November 2023


Kyriakopoulos, G.L.

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A reliable and sustainable energy supply is a prerequisite for any stable and prosperous society, and the volatility of international supply chains, coupled with the increasing threat of a global climate crisis, mean that developing and maintaining efficient and dependable energy systems for the future is more important than ever.

This book presents selected papers from NEFES 2023, the 8th International Conference on New Energy and Future Energy Systems, held from 21 to 24 November 2023 in Matsue, Japan. The conference encompasses a number of different areas, including power system operation, biomass energy, fuel energy, solar energy, thermal energy, energy materials, energy technology, and other related fields. From a total of 84 submissions received, 12 peer-reviewed papers were selected for publication in this book. Ranging widely, from renewable energy policy planning for a low-carbon economy and the impact of lightning-induced wildfires on power systems to the energy supply capacity of micro energy grids and safety design technologies for a sodium-cooled fast reactor, the papers included here offer a fascinating insight into the challenges and solutions encountered in modern energy systems.

Covering a wide range of topics related to energy and energy systems, the book will be of interest to all researchers, engineers, and educators working in the field.

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