Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases IX


Kawaguchi, E.,
Kangassalo, H.,
Jaakkola, H.,
Charrel, P.-J.

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Information modelling is the essential part of information system design. Design methods, specification languages, and tools tend to become application dependent, aiming at integration of methodologies stretching traditional database design to advanced knowledge bases, and including use of logical languages, and process oriented system description.

The topics of the articles in this book cover a wide variety of themes in the domain of information modelling, specifications of information systems and knowledge bases, ranging from foundations and theories to systems construction and application studies. The contributions represent the following major themes:

  • the use of ontologies in knowledge modelling
  • concept modelling and conceptual modelling
  • database modelling: applications of object-oriented modelling
  • view integration and consistency checking
  • modelling multimedia and multimedia models
  • design methods
  • process modelling
  • formal systems.

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