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The HTI Open Access Collection is a section of the Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (HTI) book series and publishes scientific, peer-reviewed articles with Open Access.


Virtual Reality Assessment Reveals Myopic Regression After ICL Implantation in High Myopia
Jianqing Lan, Yan Zhang, Ying Cui, Cheng Yang, Xue Li, Wenjuan Xie, Juan Li, Shujun Wang, Mark Wiederhold, Brenda Wiederhold, Hang Chu, Li Yan and Jin Zeng

Construction of Guideline-Based Decision Tree for Medication Recommendation
Wei Zhao, Xuehan Jiang, Ke Wang, Xingzhi Sun, Gang Hu and Guotong Xie

Systemic Risk Management Plan for Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Why and How?
Ziniya Zahedi, Faisal Mahmud and Cesar Pinto

Mental Health Patient Portals Aimed at Depression: A Picture Close to Reality
Mahsa Rabbani, Mahdi Nasiri, Arash Mowla and Roxana Sharifian

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