From Narratology to Computational Story Composition and Back

An Exploratory Study in Generative Modeling


Berov, L.

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Although both deal with narratives, the two disciplines of Narrative Theory (NT) and Computational Story Composition (CSC) rarely exchange insights and ideas or engage in collaborative research. The former has its roots in the humanities, and attempts to analyze literary texts to derive an understanding of the concept of narrative. The latter is in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, and investigates the autonomous composition of fictional narratives in a way that could be deemed creative. The two disciplines employ different research methodologies at contradistinct levels of abstraction, making simultaneous research difficult, while a close exchange between the two disciplines would undoubtedly be desirable, not least because of the complementary approach to their object of study.

This book, From Narratology to Computational Story Composition and Back, describes an exploratory study in generative modeling, a research methodology proposed to address the methodological differences between the two disciplines and allow for simultaneous NT and CSC research. It demonstrates how implementing narratological theories as computational, generative models can lead to insights for NT, and how grounding computational representations of narrative in NT can help CSC systems to take over creative responsibilities. It is the interplay of these two strands that underscores the feasibility and utility of generative modeling. The book is divided into 6 chapters: an introduction, followed by chapters on plot, fictional characters, plot quality estimation, and computational creativity, wrapped up by a conclusion.

The book will be of interest to all those working in the fields of narrative theory and computational creativity.