Driving Reform: Digital Health is Everyone’s Business

Selected papers from the 23rd Australian national Health Informatics Conference (HIC 2015)


Schaper, L.K.,
Grain, H.,
Georgiou, A.

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Around the world, healthcare planners and governments are engaged in activities to stimulate innovation and reform health systems as part of the drive to deliver safe, effective, quality care to patients. ICT is both a critical component of health system innovation and key stimulus for reform.

This book presents papers from the 23rd Australian national Health Informatics Conference (HIC 2015), held in Brisbane, Australia, in August 2015. The conference brings together researchers, industry groups and healthcare providers from Australia and around the world to share cutting edge research, technology updates and innovations, and the papers included here provide valuable evidence and information about the diverse role that ICT plays in the health, elderly and community care sectors internationally. They encompass a wide spectrum of work, from major theoretical concepts and examples of key applications of new technologies to important new developments in the field of health informatics.

The book represents an important contribution to the health informatics evidence base and will be of interest to all those working towards better healthcare provision worldwide.

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