Digital Health: Changing the Way Healthcare is Conceptualised and Delivered

Selected Papers from the 27th Australian National Health Informatics Conference (HIC 2019)


Schaper, L.K.,
Cummings, E.,
Merolli, M.

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Digital developments have resulted in many changes in the way healthcare is conceived and delivered. This has brought challenges, but has also created opportunities to shape healthcare, and has made the management and evaluation of systems and innovations, together with the education of healthcare practitioners, essential at all levels.

This book presents the proceedings of HIC 2019, the annual Australian national conference for Health Informatics, held in Melbourne, Australia, from 12 – 14 August 2019. The conference provides the ideal environment for clinicians, researchers, health IT professionals, industry and consumers to gather and share their knowledge, to drive innovative thinking, enhance services, improve data-driven decision making, and allow greater consumer involvement.

The conference focused on ten themes that underpin a fully digital healthcare sector: analytics and the learning health system; clinical informatics; digital health workforce development; health policy, ethics and business models; informatics in health professional education; innovations, informaticians and digital health entrepreneurship; integrated and connected care; interoperability and informatics infrastructure; participatory medicine and consumer informatics; and system implementations and digital hospitals. The 29 papers selected for inclusion here reflect these themes, highlighting the research and technological innovations that are supporting the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

The book includes examples of important new developments in the field of health informatics, and emphasizes the central role that digital health plays in current and future healthcare organizations everywhere. It will be of interest to all those involved in the field of healthcare.

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