dHealth 2019 – From eHealth to dHealth

Proceedings of the 13th Health Informatics Meets Digital Health Conference


Hayn, D.,
Schreier, G.,
Eggerth, A.

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We have all become familiar with the term ‘eHealth’, used to refer to health informatics and the digital aspects of healthcare; but what is dHealth?

This book presents the proceedings of the 13th annual conference on Health Informatics Meets Digital Health (dHealth 2019), held in Vienna, Austria, on 28–29 May 2019. In keeping with its interdisciplinary mission, the conference series provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, decision makers and vendors to discuss innovative health informatics and eHealth solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare using digital technologies.

The subtitle and special focus of dHealth 2019 is ‘from eHealth to dHealth’, which stresses that healthcare will in future become ever more data-driven. While eHealth in general concerns healthcare IT solutions and professional healthcare providers, dHealth addresses broader fields of application in many areas of life, including sensors and sensor informatics, networks, genomics and bioinformatics, data-centered solutions, machine learning, and many more.

The 32 papers included here provide an insight into the state-of-the-art of different aspects of dHealth, including the design and evaluation of user interfaces, patient-centered solutions, electronic health/medical/patient records, machine learning in healthcare and biomedical data analytics, and the book offers the reader an interdisciplinary approach to digital health. It will be of interest to researchers, developers, and healthcare professionals alike.

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