Advanced Technologies and Methodologies for Risk Management in the Global Transport of Dangerous Goods


Bersani, C.,
Boulmakoul, A.,
Garbolino, E.,
Sacile, R.

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In the last few years, logistics has become a strategic factor for development and competition. In fact, research and development activities have traditionally faced the management of supply chain and international transport focussing on two main aspects: speed and efficiency. However, several vulnerabilities have recently been highlighted under a safety and security viewpoint. The weakness of the logistic chains has become more evident with the beginning of the new millennium. Terrorist attacks, such as the 11th of September 2001 in the USA, have caused the introduction of new rules and procedures, which affect the overall logistics showing the vulnerability of the global economy. So, nowadays, it would appear anachronistic to carry out an exhaustive research activity on the supply chain with no relation to the various typologies of risk, which may affect it. This book aims to effectively represent the current status of research on dangerous goods transport.