Housing and Urban Policy Studies

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Aims and Scope

The series Housing and Urban Policy Studies, set up by OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies as part of Delft University of Technology, runs for well over 15 years now and more than 30 titles were produced so far. Experts from the Netherlands and from elsewhere in Europe contribute, often in collaboration. Central issues are housing investments, home ownership and housing quality; urban policy is represented through studies about megacorridors, polynuclear urban regions and urban revitalisation projects. Apart from doctorate theses, it contains state-of-the-art issues, international comparative studies and monographs.

Book series editors

M. Batty J.B.S. Conijn J. Doling P. Glasbergen P. Hooimeijer C. Ives G.J. Maas N.J.M. Nelissen P. Nijkamp H. Ottens J. Van Der Schaar I. Turok J. Van Weesep

Books from this Series