CleanEra publication 250th application for Open Access Fund

Dr. Arvind Gangoli Rao, Associate Professor, Propulsion & Power of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering made a successful application to the Open Access fund for a book called CleanEra. A collection of research projects for sustainable aviation.

The CleanEra project was initiated with the goal of developing revolutionary ideas for civil aviation. These ideas were to offer solutions which would limit and reduce some of the negative aspects of aviation, namely: emissions and the use of resources.

The publication, published by IOS Press, turned out to be 250th application for the Open Access fund. For that reason Shervan, on behalf of the team members, was given a pluche Oxfam Goat by Just de Leeuwe, manager of the Fund.
Rao’s statement on Open Access: “Societal development is accelerated by open sharing of knowledge, and open access publications facilitate this.”

CleanEra is available at IOS Press as open access download and as hard copy. Naturally, it’s also downloadable from the repository of TU Delft.

The 250th application comes at the eve of the international Open Access Week, which starts at October 19. For the occasion, the Library has produced a list of revealing and useful facts about Open Science at TU Delft.