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Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Medical Device Management

Submit before 1 July, 2024

Medical device management is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The convergence of AI with advanced medical devices is creating innovative solutions that enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and streamline clinical workflows. This special issue aims to explore cutting-edge research and developments in AI for advanced medical device management, addressing challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

Authors are invited to submit unpublished papers with novel research contributions that highlight the role of AI in optimizing the management and functionality of medical devices.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • AI-driven diagnostics and predictive analytics in medical devices
  • Machine learning algorithms for personalized treatment plans
  • AI-enhanced medical imaging and interpretation
  • Real-time monitoring and management of medical devices through AI
  • Robotics and AI in surgical devices and procedures
  • Natural language processing for clinical decision support systems
  • AI for optimizing the maintenance and lifecycle of medical devices
  • Security and privacy in AI-integrated medical devices
  • AI for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine
  • Enhancing interoperability and integration of AI in medical device ecosystems
  • Data analytics and visualization for medical device performance
  • AI-based risk assessment and management in medical devices
  • Regulatory and ethical considerations for AI in medical device management
  • Case studies and real-world applications of AI in medical devices
  • AI for enhancing user experience and patient engagement with medical devices
  • Development of AI models for healthcare data collected from medical devices
  • Innovations in AI for wearable health technologies and sensors
  • Frugal engineering and AI in the development of cost-eMective medical devices

Special Issue Editors

  • Dr. Lemana Spahić, Research Institute Verlab for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices and Artificial Intelligence (
  • Dr. Lejla Gurbeta Pokvic, Research Institute Verlab for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices and Artificial Intelligence (
  • Dr. Almir Badnjevic, Research Institute Verlab for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices and Artificial Intelligence (


Initial Submission deadline: 1 July 2024
First feedback provided: 30 July 2024
Final Submission deadline: 15 August 2024

About the Journal

Technology and Health Care focuses on the integration of advanced technologies in medicine and health care. It aims to bridge the gap between technology and health care, providing a platform for innovative research that enhances medical device functionality and patient care.

Instructions for Authors

Additional information about the journal, including detailed instructions for authors, can be found on the journal’s website. Submissions should be made through the journal's online submission system under the section: Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Medical Device Management.