Simulation and Modeling Related to Computational Science and Robotics Technology

Proceedings of SiMCRT 2011


Kojima, F.,
Kobayashi, F. ,
Nakamoto, H.

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Simulation and modeling contribute to a broad range of applications in computational science and robotics technology, often addressing important design and control problems.This book presents a selection of papers from the International Workshop on Simulation and Modeling related to Computational Science and Robotics Technology (SiMCTR 2011), held at Kobe University, Japan, in November 2011.The workshop provided a forum for discussing recent developments in the growing field of engineering science and mathematical sciences, and brought together a diverse group of researchers in these areas to share and compare the different approaches to simulation and modeling in computational science and robotics technology. The workshop was also aimed at establishing collaborative links between engineering researchers related to information and robotics technology (IRT) and applied mathematicians working in modeling and computational methods for design and control.

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