Perceptions of NATO and the New Strategic Concept


Rodrigues, L.,
Dubovyk, V.

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This book attempts to address how NATO and its mission are perceived today in the world, to assess the challenges the Organisation is facing in the near future, and to debate what could be its role in the 21st century. This is most relevant since the Organisation has just celebrated its 60th anniversary and is in the process of redefining its strategic concept to try to shape the right strategy for a safer tomorrow.
This book deals with the following: How is the Organisation perceived in member and so-called partner countries such as Russia and Georgia with regards to models, policies and strategies? What do the younger generations born after the end of the Cold War think of the Atlantic Alliance in the present and its role in the future? The evolution of the Alliance towards a transatlantic ‘hub’, and last but not least an analysis on the importance of communications in NATO’s current campaign in Afghanistan. Key features: NATO’s durability;The future of the Alliance;NATO’s role as a guarantee of Peace and Security in the South Caucasus